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Rocks are the backbone of our business. Placement is everything... Not only for aesthetics, but for form and function as well. Laying a good foundation and building on what nature has already given you. More times than not, reading the land and feeling what the surroundings are calling for is where the art comes in.

We take that art and build CAD drawings of how we envision the space. We then give that proposal to you and make changes as agreed before the soil is broken. With the use of computers we can show you how we envision the space and work together to place rocks accordingly.


They are more than steps... They are works of art. They are more than benches... they are yard sculptures. It is more than a wall...

It is a masterpiece.

They are all Quality Creations.



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Now in Louisville, KY serving Kentucky, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio and Tennessee.

(502) 713-9958



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